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Great Lakes Industry

Health Management Program

Welcome!  We’re looking forward to a great year with the 2017 It’s Your Life program.

It’s Your Life Participants need to complete the online enrollment form and WebMD Health Assessment by February 28th.  

Onsite health screenings will held in March. You do not need to schedule a health screening if a Physician Health Screen Form is submitted by February 28th. 


Step 1: Complete the It's Your Life Enrollment form and WebMD Health Assessment
  • Read and submit your online enrollment form
  • Once submitted you will be directed to take your WebMD Health Assessment

 Click here to begin

Step 2: Complete your health screen

Option 1: Onsite health screen at GLI. The schedule is posted on the bulletin board.

Option 2: With your physician and return the Physician Health Screen Form to the It's Your Life office.


If you have any questions regarding your WebMD health assessment or health screen, please contact Ellen Gillespie (517) 205-6914 or email her at 

You may also contact Theresa McIntyre at (517) 205-7305 or